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Houston Vasectomy ClinicVasectomy by the Houston Vasectomy Clinic

The Houston Vasectomy Clinic is the only speciality clinic in the Houston, Texas area that specializes in vasectomy procedures. Our unique clinic only offers one procedure - vasectomy - for men that wish to remove the risk of pregnancy from their intimate life. Vasectomy is chosen by over a half million men in the United States every year - it's the leading form of permanent birth control. Vasectomy is a relatively simple outpatient procedure performed by a physician in a matter of minutes. It will help you enjoy a sex life without the risk of pregnancy.

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Vasectomy - Tell Me More

Houston Vasectomy Clinic specializes in the no-needle, no-scalpel method that is the gold standard in permanent birth control. If you are tired of other forms of birth control and the risks, hassles, and uncertainty associated with them, vasectomy at the Houston Vasectomy Clinic may be the right choice for you. Vasectomy is a quick, easy, and almost pain-free procedure that prevents sperm from reaching the penis and entering a woman's body during sex. Vasectomy doesn't affect the hormones that help a man to be a man. You'll be the same in all the important ways, just using a form of birth control that is much more effective than condoms or any other form of birth control.

What is Vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a simple medical procedure that interrupts the flow of sperm from the testes to where sperm is added to semen. A man's hormones, desire, and features are not affected. Men do not have their sexual urges altered, their hair level and voice does not changed, and the body still produces semes as usual. The benefit of vasectomy is that an ejaculation will not contain sperm, and thus sexual contact will not lead to pregnancy. Common mispellings include "visectomy", "vysectomy", "vasecomy", "vesectimy", "visecomy". It can be a difficult word to spell, to be sure.

Is Vasectomy for me?

Vasectomy is a procedure for men who are sure that they are no longer interested in having children. Although reversible in many cases, the Houston Vasectomy Clinic only performs vasectomies on men that are sure they do not want to have any more children. We would rather have you wait until you know for sure that you don't want to be a father again than have a vasectomy and later change your mind. Our most common patient has already had several children, is in a stable relationship, and doesn't have any doubts about his desire to not have any more children.

vasectomy is effectiveIs Vasectomy painful?

Our no-scalpel, no-needle procedure here at the Houston Vasectomy Clinic minimizes discomfort. We understand if you don't like the idea of a needle or scalpel near a very sensitive area. Here's what we do instead: local anesthetic will be applied to the scrotal area by an innovative spray applicator (MadaJet) that eliminates the need for a needle. The sprayer is able to numb the area completely and quickly. Then, a miniscule hole in created in the number scrotum so that the "sperm tubes" (vas deferens) can be blocked with a small clamp or cut. We'll use a Band-Aid to cover the tiny area and suggest that your partner or a friend drive you home. The entire procedure will be complete in less than 30 minutes, often much less.

Within a few days of the procedure any soreness will have subsided and men can return to work. Within 2 days, most men can return to normal sexual activity, but with one caveat. We'll instruct you to complete two simple tests to make sure all the sperm is out of your tubes before you stop using your prior method of birth control. It can take up to twelve weeks, or approximately 20 ejaculations for all of the sperm to be out of your system. We'll have you do a test at four weeks, and again after another 4 weeks. If no sperm is present in either test, you'll be good to go. The Houston Vasectomy Clinic wants you to be sure you are sperm-free before you let down your guard. We are your partners in meeting your goals.

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